Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Art for a Friend

Finally got this piece finished and in yesterday's mail. Had fun making this art, I wanted to incorporate some sewing and try some different colour combinations which I think worked?! I love the effect with sewing but often forget to use the machine.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Natalie's Art Work

Today I wanted to share some Art Work recently done by my daughter Natalie. Nat is currently in Grade 12 and about to make some major decisions about Uni Courses. At the moment she is alternating between doing either an Art History Degree or a Fine Arts Degree. I know she needs to make her own decisions about these things, but oh how I would have loved the opportunity to do an Fine Arts Degree! This work is something totally different for Nat - she normally does most of her work with pen in a journal - inspired mostly by Misty Mawn and Teesha and Tracy Moore.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

CD Covers

I wanted to share this art that I made a few months back for my friend Margaret. A group of us got together and we all made CD Covers for Margaret for her birthday. She collects them for in her Art Room and has a fantastic collection. The theme was of course 'birdies' and colours were blue, sepia and gold. This image was my first play with the 'tree' stencil that i had recently purchased. My daughters both managed to grab it before me and had created some great 'art' with it - so the challenge was on!

In this CD cover i have added some stitching and even some stencilling. I really want to try new things and have to make myself be a bit more adventurous. I continue to love using the cuttlebug embossing folders in my backgrounds... so happy was I the day i discovered this technique.