Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shock, Horror... another October post?!

Some more of my house pages to share - the above one was the theme "Count the Birds" and below was the very first page I created for the House Swap and the theme was "Magical Trees". Only one more page to go in this fun swap.... next theme is 'open' so will enjoy seeing where my muse will take me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some October Art...

Some more pages I created for a small House Book Swap I am part of. The theme here was "correspondence" and I had fun trying to use just about every mail art stamp I own. Felt really good to use my stamps again as sometimes I think I depend on Collage Images way too much. The top photo shows the piece with all the tags out of the little pocket, and the one below you can see I have put all the tags away in the pocket.
This is another page I created for the House Book swap. This one from an earlier month and the theme was "seaside".

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some ATC's...

I have finally started sorting out some older photos and looking for some art to share. Today I thought I would upload a few ATC's. Have not worked on ATC's for awhile and must admit I had forgotten how much I love them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 2009

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Well life is plodding along as usual for me, not a lot of time for art, but finally a moment to share another recent piece i have made. This was made for a swap on a Yahoo Group I am part of. The pendant was made of Polymer Clay - my wire work still needs practice - so hard to find the time for all the different types of art I enjoy!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday 23rd August

Can't believe i am actually posting something and it's still August.... life has been a bit crazy with my family lately, no light at the end of the tunnel yet, but thought i should post something so my few readers will know i am still in the land of the living.

This piece of art i created for a small private swap I am a part of. We are using a house shape and this piece i created for the theme "Italian Inflence". I have called my page "learning italian" as i have used paper from a book called "A Progressive Italian Grammar". I will try to upload a few more pages from the swap.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

June art posted in July... :O)

I created this artwork for Marlene for her 50th Birthday.... I have been doing online classes with Julie and this is very heavily influenced by her style which I love. The classes are fantastic and would strongly recommend them to anyone who love to play with paint!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

A nice early May post...

This is the tag I made for Paper Princess Margaret for her birthday. Her wish for Art this year was for us to decorate a tag and a metal bird in colours of soft pink and green. Don't you just love the natural green of the twig i used? It looks like i painted it to match, but that is it - straight from the garden!!
Here is a photo as promised of the artwork on my wall. I cannot tell you the pleasure it brings me to walk past this several times a day (when i am home of course). A huge thank you to the Paper Princesses (there is a picture of us on Celeste's Blog if you would like a peek).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thought I better get an April post in!

Well as you can see I am still slightly 'bird' obsessed... yet another piece of artwork featuring a birdie! This piece is actually for my very own wall - i have a gorgeous collection of nature themed canvasses on my wall (created for me by the Paper Princesses) and I decided to add to it with some of my own art. I must take a photo of the complete collection to share with you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I am on a roll....

I just finished this piece yesterday as part of a swap - I have tried out new skills learnt in class with DJ Pettitt. I think I might have missed something as it sure didn't flow as easily as it did in class, or maybe it was more the fact that I had DJ right there to lend a helping hand. This bird image I have used is one drawn by DJ that she so kindly let us trace in class.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes! Another post this month!

Here are the little houses - all 50 of them - that I created to swap at the recent Creative Soul Retreat. What a great swap, although I must admit getting towards the end I was a bit over working on such a small canvas!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OK I am on a roll....

Here I am with the lady who deserves to share the crown with DJ for BEST teacher. Stephanie Lee was an amazing teacher as well, very patient with us all as we tried to master those butane torches. I was lucky enough to take two classes with Stephanie and both were equally brilliant. So many new skills I am now attempting to master.... I wish I could have taken Stephanie's third class as well.

At the very top of this post is my finished piece - I must say a big thank you to the gorgeous Jacky for letting me use the mold she made of the little tree, didn't it turn out beautifully? I have just visited the hardware shop today to purchase flux and bits of copper so I can fine tune my new skills.

My only regret is that I didn't manage to do a class with Bernie Berlin. I did get to share a few meals with Bernie and she is also such a beautiful lady - and from all reports a fantastic teacher as well. Here is hoping that Bernie will come back to Australia in 2011 to teach again.

Finally... a March post!

Here I am with DJ Pettitt...
I think I have finally come down to earth after the fantastic Creative Soul Retreat. What a great time I had at this retreat that seemed to run like clockwork. Below is the piece that I finished in DJ's Class. What can I say about DJ that hasn't already been said on blogs all around Australia? DJ was just the BEST teacher. So patient and all knowing, it was such a pleasure to take a class with DJ.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ok will try for at least once a month posting.... argh!

I had a fantastic time making this ATC Block.... I first saw this done on one of my favourite blogs - Small Creations - by Audrey Hernandez. What a brilliant idea! So much fun being able to hammer things on rather than use glue. Big thank you to Judy's brilliant husband Kurt who kindly cut the blocks, i can't wait to play more with this idea.

I have also received one for my birthday made by the talented Marlene that i will share as soon as I photograph it!!

So much for my plan to try and post more frequently.... i forgot that once the kids went back to school and i went back to work that life would get hectic again!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Christmas Art....

Probably for the last few years I have struggled to make Christmas Art... not sure why.... but anyway here are the few pieces that i did make. This first one I made for the lovely Linda as a little thank you for a special Art Day she organised.
This card was made for Kasha - our little group the "Paper Princesses" always just draw one name from a hat and this year I got to make some art for Kasha.

This card was made for another swap.... bit blurry so still need to work on the photography! Maybe that should be my new year's resolution rather than blog posting!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me... :o)

I thought today that i should maybe give you all a break from the birdie art and share something i made a little while back. This art was created last year as part of a book that our little group made for the wonderful Celeste. I can't even remember now what the guidelines were... i think shades of blue with maybe butterflies?? Or maybe i just made that up as that is obviously what i did!! LOL...

It has turned slightly cooler here today so a perfect day for losing myself in my art space (it's part of my garage, so I haven't felt very inspired of late as it's been way too hot). Thanks for the lovely comments! See you tomorrow...

Friday, January 2, 2009

I did it... I caught up!

This is the first page of a two page spread I did for the wonderful Judy Timmins for her birthday. This year our little group decided to do a book for Judy with all of us creating a few pages. Those of you who know Judy know that she loves a good laugh, so we tried to make our pages for her a little bit funny....

This second page has acetate over the image, so didn't photograph particularly well. If you have any tips on taking photos that include acetate I would love to hear them! Enjoy and I will try to post again tomorrow! Stay tuned...

second catch up post...

This is the finished piece of artwork that Marilena unwrapped for her Birthday... it was a very special birthday - her 50th - and it is safe to say that Marilena completely loved the artwork we created for her. If you would like a closer look at the pieces that Kasha created you can see them here.... and for Celeste's piece you can find them here and here... :o)

....not doing so well, but will try to catch up!

This is my third and final piece for Marilena. I have managed to pretty much stick with the theme and colours with this piece. I am sure i have a photo somewhere of the finished artwork and will upload that for you all to see. It was truly amazing to see it all come together at the end.