Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kasha's finished artwork

This is the finished piece of artwork that was presented to Kasha for her birthday this year. As you can see it is a collaborative effort - artists include Judy Timmins, Celeste Santin, Marilena Stanton, Margaret Cullen-Erikson, Marlene Lyne-Truman and myself. We had some guidelines on colours to use and the theme was of course birdies. I always find it so amazing how we can all create away from each other and at the end the colours always blend so beautifully. The top of the house was created by myself and Celeste.

More Bird Art :o)

Finally I am able to share my most recently created artwork, these pieces are for my friend Kasha. These two pieces of art form just a small part of a bigger picture which I will also share with you. Just need to do some quick editing on the photos...!
The above piece takes all it's inspiration from the wonderfully talented Nina Bagley - I was incredibly lucky to take a class with Nina recently and we learnt this fabulous technique for making niches. My photography definitely needs work as you may not even be able to tell that this niche is in fact about 1.5cm deep and contains part of a real egg shell.