Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...

Happy Easter to everyone.... thought it was about time that I did another post! The above image is a piece I created for a small swap I am in. Same group as last year where we worked on a house shape. This year we are creating 6" x 4" pages and using different stamp companies and embellishments. The first month our guidelines were Paperbag Studios stamps and the use of a die cut number/alphabet tile. I love all the Paperbag Studios stamp, so had no trouble at all with this challenge!
This second photo shows you what else I have been up to lately..... silversmithing! Last year I joined a local Silversmith group and did a basic Silversmithing course. In the basic course we made a bracelet, russian wedding rings and earrings. Since then I have made several more rings - and this is my most recent piece - I made it for a friend for her birthday. I am still amazed at the end product - especially when I started out with a single piece of sterling silver wire.

I have also been taking a lot of photos lately.... WAY back when I was around 18 I was involved with a Photography Club and was working mostly with Black & White Film and even printing my own photos. Amazing how some 20+ years and three children later I can't really remember much at all about aperture/shutter speed etc. I guess things have changed a lot as well with Digital Cameras. Anyway yesterday I went day tripping in the country to visit a small Church near Beaudesert, which has a little Cemetery out back where my Grandparents and Great Grandparents are buried - such a beautiful part of the world. Here are some photos I took.....

I was totally surprised that this photo turned out okay... that little moth was very patient with me while i tried to photograph it - the perfect model really!!

This was my other model for the day - my daughter Holly - who was also very patient with me while I was clicking away!!

Many thanks to all for the lovely comments and condolences from my last post - I do try to email you personally, but sometimes I don't have the email addresses.

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Jacky said...

Wow... love the piece you made for your friends birthday. I have always been interested in silversmithing, so your lates work really appeals. I would love to see some pics. of your rings etc. too.
And, another hidden talent... you are quite the photographer. Such a beautiful photo of your daughter Holly.
Lovely post,

Jacky xox